What Happened to Vicky Lee?

A Collection of Stories by Ara Hagopian

Published August 2013

“Between Ara Hagopian’s artwork, writing, and photography, I was in awe. Great work is supposed to inspire, or trigger some kind of feeling or emotion. He had me hooked with my first spin…”
     --Karen Guregian, Patriots beat writer, The Boston Herald

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This book contains all-original work:

Massachusetts native Ara Hagopian’s debut book offers a variety of stories for fans of short fiction and non-fiction. You’ll meet York, the Good Samaritan who made the wrong enemy on the side of the highway. Or Jill, unemployed, self-sabotaging and fighting for her chance to get in front of a hiring manager. And then there’s Vicky Lee, who disappeared while walking a friend’s beach. We’re with her every step of that walk—so what happened to Vicky Lee?

The Literate Show Press, Boston MA | Printed in the United States of America